Native Village of Point Hope

301 W. Northern Lights Blvd Suite 660, Anchorage, AK
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Point Hope is a subsistence village dependent upon fishing, gathering and hunting of marine mammals for food. The subsistence activities throughout the year revolve around whales, other marine mammals and land mammals. The bowhead whale is at the center of the Inupiat culture; whaling crews hunt the bowhead in the spring and whaling captains hold positions of respect in the village. Subsistence activities vary from preparation for whale hunting, to sharing the whale when caught during Nalukataq (a summer festivity in which successful whaling crews share whale with the community). The residents of Point Hope proudly celebrate their traditional past and embrace their promising future; this is demonstrated through the Tikigaq Mission Statement and overall philosophy of the corporation’s subsidiaries.

Point Hope is located approximately 720 air miles northwest of Anchorage on a spit of land jutting into the Chukchi Sea in Northwest Alaska. It is reportedly the oldest continuously inhabited village on the North American continent with over 2,500 years of recorded history. The spit of land jutting into the Chukchi Sea resembles an index finger and Tikigaq means index finger in the Inupiaq language. Tikigaq subsidiary, Agviq, is named after a culturally significant symbol, the bowhead whale.

Point Hope is accessible only by sea or air, and is modern by rural living standards with utility infrastructure, running water, wastewater and diesel-generated electricity. A water and sewer project was completed in 1997, however, there are still homes that lack running water or sewer connections. These residents haul water to their homes and use honey buckets as toilets. The community strives for a system with household plumbing, flushable toilets, and showers, and has received funds to begin construction of a piped sewer system and treatment plant. Electricity is provided by North Slope Borough Power & Light.

The Point Hope Health Clinic provides local health care services. Auxiliary health care is accessible through the Point Hope Volunteer Fire Department. Any treatment requiring a physician must be provided at Kotzebue, which is located 180 air miles south of Point Hope. Major health care is provided in Anchorage, Alaska at the Alaska Native Medical Center. According to 2010 U.S. Census data, there are approximately 700 residents in Point Hope.