Catawba Indian Nation

Catawba Indian Nation

996 Avenue of the Nations , Rock Hill, SC
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The Catawba Nation is a true service organization, and our services are far-reaching. To understand the services we provide, it’s essential to recognize whom it is that we serve.

So, who do we serve?

Our Tribal Citizens - We strive to create programs that serve the needs of our citizens. We provide opportunities for feedback to discover what requirements exist in the community. After these needs are ascertained, a concerted effort is made to create a plan to bring those services to the citizens. Sometimes this process is quick if we are easily able to determine a source of funding for the need and begin implementation. Other times, this is a long process, but it is important to us to work towards programs that have a substantial community impact. Our goal is to provide impeccable service to our citizens.

The Community - Many of our programs and services are open to the community, and we have members of the surrounding community who can also benefit from the services we provide. We happily offer these services and strive to also give excellent services to the community we live within.

Local Government - We work closely with the surrounding municipalities to be a good neighbor. When we identify common goals, we work together to make them happen. We also serve on many boards and committees within the local government to help bring a better understanding of the tribe into the local community.

Business Customers - Our businesses are diverse, but within each business, you will find individuals who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter they specialize within. Finding the right people to serve our business customers is of the highest importance for the Catawba Nation. We work to build repeat customers through our commitment to quality and service.