Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma

Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma

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Through knowledge of the Ponca Language, subcategories are embedded within each of the principles. Ponca Historian Pete LeClair first recorded the first seven ethics in the English language by 1928, which predates the Ponca written language.

I. Have one God.
II. Do not kill one another.
III. Do not steal from one another.
IV. Be kind to one another.
V. Do not talk about each other.
VI. Do not be stingy/greedy.
VII. Respect the sacred pipe.

The final four were approved by the Ponca Tribal Business Committee on July 7th, 2006 by Resolution No. 95-070706. Ponca Women teach your children these ancient laws; they are the keys to the survival of our culture.

VIII. Do not be lazy.

IX. Talk to your children.

X. Be prepared/educate yourself.
XI. Learn your Ponca Language.