Sherwood Valley Band  Of Pomo Indians

Sherwood Valley Band Of Pomo Indians

190 Sherwood Hill Drive , Willits, CA
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Sherwood Valley Rancheria is located within aboriginal homelands we have used and occupied since time immemorial. Our homeland extends from approximately the Hwy 101 corridor, through the Redwood Forests, on to the Coast. As the original stewards of this land we retain original usufructuary rights to protect the land, air, water, and food sources upon our homeland. We have freely gathered coastal resources since time immemorial, and protection of the aboriginal food sources and traditional gathering places is a fundamental human right.

Sherwood Valley Rancheria was established under Secretarial Order in 1909. Sherwood Valley is the successor in interest to ownership of the Mendocino Indian Reservation, established by Act of Congress on March 3, 1853. Sherwood Valley Rancheria is governed under a Constitution and Bylaws duly adopted and approved by the Secretary of the Interior on July 25, 1974. The
Sherwood Valley Rancheria Tribal Council, as representatives of individual tribal members, strives to promote and perpetuate the protection of natural resources for future generation