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Posted On: Jul-06-2021
Status: This Job is Closed
Job Summary
The Director of Nursing Services assumes full time administrative authority, responsibility and accountability for
the delivery of nursing services in the facility. Manages up to 75 employees in the provision of care and services
according to professional standards of nursing practice, consistent with facility philosophy of care and state and
federal laws and regulations. Develops and implements policies and procedures consistent with current law. In
collaboration with Nursing Home Administrator, allocates department resources in an efficient and economic
manner to enable each resident to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial
wellbeing. Collaborates with other departments, professionals, consultants, and organizations, including
government agencies and advocacy groups, to develop support and coordination of resident care, related
administrative functions and to represent the interests of the facility.
This position description may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks
which may be found or assigned to this position.
Duties and Responsibilities
 Develops and maintains nursing policies and procedures that reflect current standards of nursing practice
and facility.
 Philosophy of care consistent with state and federal laws and regulations. Communicates and interprets
policies and procedures to nursing staff. Monitors practice for effective implementation.
 Reviews 24 hour report from every unity daily to ensure timely, effective responses to significant changes
In condition, transfers, discharges, se of physical or chemical restrains, unexplained injuries, potential
abuse or neglect, medication errors, loss of resident property, any evidence of resident or family
dissatisfaction. Gathers and analyzes facts assesses situation, develops and implements appropriate
actions to investigate, to notify appropriate parties, to resolve issues and to record facts properly.
 Keeps Nursing Home Administrator informed of findings and results.
 Communicates directly with residents, families, medical staff, nursing staff, interdisciplinary team
members and Department Heads to coordinate care and services, improve organization and implementation of
plans of care, to maintain quality of care, quality of life and a homelike environment for all residents.
 Establishes and implements infection control program designed to provide a safe, sanitary and comfortable
environment and to prevent the development and transmission of disease and infection. Reviews infection control
surveillance reports to identify trends and to develop effective actions to control and prevent infections in the
facility. Includes infection control information and statistics in Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee
 Monitors the provision of care and services to residents on all shifts and evaluates regulatory compliance efforts
through daily rounds to observe care on units, to review records and to interview staff members, residents,
families, and other interested parties. Evaluates the findings of compliance rounds conducted by designated
facility staff on a daily basis. Designs, implements and evaluates actions to continuously improve quality
Position DescriptionEffective March 2020
Director of Nursing Services
 Conducts quality assessment and assurance activities, including regulatory compliance rounds, in all
departments to monitor performance. To continuously improve quality. Develops programs to gather and
analyze data for trends and to institute actions to resolve problems promptly.
 Evaluates effectiveness of actions. Participates as member of Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee with
the Medical Director and at least three other facility staff members. Reports and makes recommendations to
Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee.
 Supervises development of in-service education programs designed to equip nursing staff with sufficient
knowledge and skills to provide nursing and nursing related services to each resident to attain or maintain the
highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being and to perform the essential functions of their
jobs satisfactorily.
 Assists Nursing Home Administrator with preparation for long-term care survey. Actively participates in longterm care survey process by instructing staff in matters of conduct and disclosure, maintaining a presence at all
times surveyors are on-site and directing the timely collection of information required by the survey team.
Demonstrates concern for identified problems and undertakes corrective action while survey is in progress if
appropriate. Gathers and presents supplemental documentation to avoid potential deficiencies, collaborates with
Nursing Home Administrator to develop responses to survey report as needed.
 Collaborates with physicians, consultants, community agents and institutions to improve quality of services and
to resolve identified problems.
 Consults with Nursing Home Administrator daily about resident status, census budget, personnel and other
relevant issues.
 Participates in the development of the department budget. Provides relevant financial information to Nursing
Home Administrator regarding department financial needs and status.
 Develops staffing plans that assure sufficient numbers of qualified, competent nursing staff to meet direct care
needs, conduct assessments as required, develop plans of care, evaluate residents' responses to interventions and
document clinical records effectively in compliance with state and federal requirements. Recommends numbers
and types of nursing personnel necessary to provide care and to maintain compliance with facility mission and
with regulations.
 Hires and retains qualified, competent nursing staff to provide nursing and nursing related services to attain or
maintain highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being of each resident. Conducts interviews,
provides interviews, provides interviews, provides regular performance reviews, takes appropriate job actions,
reviews job actions taken by subordinates to assure that staff meet qualification and performance standards and
can perform all essential functions of the job.
 Ensures 24-hour availability as nursing administration resource by providing on-call and telephone access or
designating an alternative, qualified nursing staff member to do so.
 Maintains current skills and knowledge through continuing education. Applies information to job responsibilities.
 Responsible for completion of abstracts for Medicaid. Responsible for utilization review for Medicare. Assist
in screening admissions as needed.
 Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
 High School Diploma or GED.
 Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
 Certificate/Licenses: Current, active license as Registered Nurse in New Mexico.
 Two years professional nursing experiences in long-term care setting. One year of experience in nursing
service administration or comparable management experience preferred.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
 Able to provide nursing leadership to Nursing Home Administrator, Medical Director, Department Heads and
Governing Body to formulate operational strategies and achieve facility objectives within planned budgets and
schedules. Provides direction to nursing staff to execute tasks necessary to implement operational objectives.
 Working knowledge and ability to apply standards of professional nursing practice in job situations. Able to
develop nursing policies and procedures that reflect current clinical practice, professional standards and facility Effective March 2020
Director of Nursing Services
philosophy of care. Able to establish criteria to assure that services provided meet established standards of
 Sufficient knowledge of clinical practice, regulations and principles of adult education to supervise the continuing
education and training of nursing personnel.
 Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity and individuality of each resident in all
interactions. Demonstrates competency in the protection and promotion of resident rights. Able to act as role
model for facility staff.
 Able to understand and to follow written and/or verbal directions. Able to express self adequately in oral and/or
written communication. Able to communicate effectively with staff members, other professional staff, consultants
and residents in interdisciplinary care setting and to government agencies.
 Current knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations that apply to practice of nursing in long-term care.
 Sufficient knowledge of personnel policies and ability to perform personnel functions including interviewing
prospective staff members, conducting performance evaluations and carrying out disciplinary actions when
appropriate. Able to apply personnel policies to facts concerning job actions without regard to race, sex, age,
national origin, religion or disability.
 Able to coordinate Quality Assessment and Assurance activities with Medical Director, Nursing Home
Administrator, Department Heads and direct care staff.
 Carries out all duties in accord with the facility mission and philosophy.
 Appreciates the importance of maintaining confidentiality of resident and facility information.
 Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of resident and facility property.
 Knowledge of emergency and disaster procedures of facility. Able to locate nearest exit, to understand and
respond to written or oral instruction in case of emergency.
 Sufficient mobility and strength to move freely through the building, to assure resident safety at all times and to
assist, transfer or otherwise move residents of facility out of danger in case of emergency.
 Demonstrates respect for co-workers and responds to needs of residents by complying with facility policies on
attendance and punctuality and dress code. Able to arrive, to begin work on time, and to respond to facility
needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through on-call availability or delegation.
 Working knowledge and ability to comply with facility policies and procedures for workplace safety including
infection control procedures, application of universal precautions for blood borne pathogens, use of personal
protective equipment and handling of hazardous materials.
 Demonstrates ability to prioritize responsibilities and complete projects within allotted time.
 Able to respond to change productively and to handle additional projects as delegated.
 Able to perform essential functions of L.N. Team Leader if needed.
 Able to carry out the essential functions of this job (with or without reasonable accommodation) without posing
specific, current risk of substantial harm to health and safety of self and others.
Work Environment
Work is generally performed in indoors, patient homes and ambulance settings in emergency and extremely
stressful situations. Noise level is high and frequent exposure to alarms and hazards. Exposure to outdoor
weather conditions, fumes or airborne particles, smoke, toxic or caustic chemicals, blood borne pathogens,
hazardous material and infectious disease. Situations occur where surgical masks, safety goggles, gloves and
protective face shields are needed. Evening, weekend, and/or holiday work will be required.
How to apply: Submit resume or Tribal application to Mescalero Human Resources. Phone:
(575)464-4494. Email: