K-8 Elementary Counselor **Re-Advertise**

Bellingham, WA

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Posted On: Jul-06-2021
Status: This Job is Closed
LNS State pay scale
JOB SUMMARY: To use leadership and counseling skills to promote the educational development of
each student. To enable students to develop the fullest possible educational experience from school by
promoting their sense of self, by coordinating with their families, by counseling with them, by
coordinating with community efforts in their behalf.
ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES include the following, and other related
duties as assigned.
1. Work closely with the Dean of Student Intervention to ensure physical, emotional and mental
needs of all K-8 students are met and managed in a productive and efficient manner
2. Conduct individual, group and classroom setting counseling services to students
3. Attends case conferences, SIT meetings, PLC and leadership team meeting to help recommend
placement and or corrective procedures for individual students.
4. Provide crisis intervention and management support to student, staff and parents
5. Teach skills in the classroom or other group settings concerning coping, social norms, HIB, human
development, multi-cultural awareness and problem solving as outlined by the K-8 master
counseling schedule
6. Promote monthly master scheduled awareness/behavior health themes throughout the building,
school, career center and hallways.
7. To develop and deliver curriculum for Life Skills Class and scheduling community speakers which
relate to topics of discussion.
8. Develop and oversee academic plans for all K-8 students; provide guidance and assistance to 7-8
students when selecting courses for scheduling purposes
9. Work closely with the High School Counselor to oversee and develop an academic master
schedule for the 7-12 program; assure that schedules do not overlap
10. Assist the Dean of Student Intervention in leading the Student Intervention Team (SIT); provides
follow up and feedback to intervention plans/needs of students as directed.
11. Participate in the Professional Learning Community process and weekly meetings
12. Maintains case records on all referred students
13. Advise and support the administration in program development
14. Works closely with the administration when making referrals to community resources
15. Participate in continuing education programs as required to maintain current certificate/credentials.
16. Meet monthly with LIBC partners to discuss needs, outcomes and collaboration opportunities as
directed17. Other duties as assigned
• Master's degree in counseling
• Valid WA State Educational Staff Associate Certificate with appropriate endorsements.
• Previous experience as a school counselor; preferred
• Must have 1 year experience with technology
• Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies.
• Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities.
• Communication, instructional strategies that connect the curriculum to the learners, student
• Demonstrate cultural sensitivity in teaching and in relationships with students, parents, and
• Ability to inform, involve, and collaborate with parents and families to build strong school
partnerships in the educational process.
• Establish and maintain open effective communication and good rapport with students, parents and
school personnel.
• Must have extensive technology experience; ability to learn student data base systems
• Evidence of leadership skills, positive human relation skills and organizational/management skills.
• Knowledge of Special Education regulations
• Ability to inform and collaborates with parents and families to build strong school
• Ability to maintain confidentiality of records and information
• Knowledgeable with substance abuse prevention, intervention strategies with at-risk students,
HIV/AIDs, sexual abuse, suicide and other behavior health impacts
• Evidence of leadership skills, positive human relation skills and organizational/management skills.
• Experience building a 7-12 master schedule.
• Ability to learn student data base systems
• Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain
employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.
• This position requires regular contact with or Control over Indian Children and is therefore subject to
an extensive Criminal Background Check and CAMIS Check with Washington State Patrol and
Federal Bureau of investigation Fingerprint Clearance.
• All elements of this job description apply
• Salary depends on qualifications
• Academic School Year (12-Month Teacher Contract)
To obtain a Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) application go to: https://www.lumminsn.gov/widgets/JobsNow.php or request by e-mail libchr@lummi-nsn.gov For more information contact
the HR front desk (360) 312-2023. Submit LIBC application, cover letter, resume & reference letters no
later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date listed above. If listing degrees or certifications include copies.
Mailing Address: 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA 98226. Human Resource Fax number: 360-380-