Zuni, NM

Zuni Tribe

Posted On: Oct-21-2020
Status: This Job is Closed




SALARY $14.98

GENERAL DEFINITION:  Performs law enforcement and protective service work of average difficulty in enforcing Tribal, Federal, and State laws within the Zuni Reservation, including the Zuni Range Code, the Domestic Violence Code, Children’s Code and Protocol Manual, and applicable protocols, regulations, and rules.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Work is performed under the immediate supervision of the Tribal Ranger Captain.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED:   As delegated by Tribal Ranger Captain.


Patrols reservation lakes and areas using a patrol vehicle, ATV, or on foot to repress criminal activity and to regulate conduct of persons engaged in hunting, fishing, and camping.

  • Works with a variety of issues involving fishing, hunting and predator control on the Zuni Reservation.
  • Inspects lakes, campgrounds, and other recreation sites in order to eliminate potential and real hazards.
  • Responds to questions from residents and visitors about hunting, fishing, boating and camping rules and regulations and general information about the reservation and the Tribal Organization.
  • Investigates disturbances at tribal recreation sites, sheep camps, and ruin sites, and warns and/or arrests persons involved in disturbances.
  • Issues verbal warnings and written citations to violators of tribal laws and applicable federal Game and Fish Rules and Regulations and the Zuni Tribal Motor Vehicle Code.

Enforces laws including the Zuni Range Code and protection of natural resources, including brand inspection, trespassing, and general compliance with Zuni Range Use permits.

  • Arrests persons violating Tribal Game and Fish Rules and Regulations, the Tribal Criminal Code, the Zuni Domestic Violence Code, or Federal and State laws.
  • Performs duties in domestic violence matters as provided in the Domestic Violence Code Protocol Manual.
  • Appears in Tribal Court hearings and testifies as appropriate.
  • Assists the Division of Natural Resources with wildlife management as needed.
  • Assists livestock producers with predator problems.

Performs related administrative work and public information service.

  • Gathers statistics from fishermen, hunters and trappers and records their responses on forms for later use in statistical information and reports.
  • Prepares fishing and hunting information for the general public.
  • Prepares and submits written reports of incidents, daily activities logs and other narrative and statistical reports as required.

Performs other duties as necessary or as assigned by supervisors.

  • Attends and passes mandatory quarterly firearms qualification training, other periodic training, and conferences on new or changed laws, rules, and procedures.
  • Attends advanced training related to the position.
  • Ensures maintenance of patrol vehicle with appropriate periodic services and repairs.
  • Maintains uniforms for a clean, orderly appearance.
  • Maintains weapons and other equipment in proper working order.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Good knowledge of applicable tribal and federal Game and Fish rules and regulations. Good knowledge of recreational sites. Good knowledge of wildlife and livestock. Thorough knowledge of and competence in the use of all firearms used in performing duties.  Ability to fill out forms and perform simple math computations. Ability to follow oral and written instructions. Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations. Ability to communicate effectively with all types of people. Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationships with tribal employees, and the general public. 

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE:  Must be certified as a law enforcement officer with the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy or the BIA Law Enforcement Academy with two (2) years of work experience as a ranger or a similar certified law enforcement position. 

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, LICENSE AND CERTIFICATES:  Must be a U.S. Citizen, 21 years of age, with no felony convictions or any type of conviction for moral turpitude.  Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver's License with no DUI/DWI convictions within the past three (3) years. Driving is an essential part of the duties.  Must be certified in Basic First Aid, ASP Baton, CPR, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, First Responder, Haz-Mat Awareness, Intoxilyzer 8000, Pepper Spray, Stress Management, Officer Survival, and both ARPA and NAGPRA training. 

SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Position is subject to Pre-Employment drug test.  Position is Safety Sensitive and will be subject to random drug screening for duration of employment.  Must undergo and successfully pass a thorough background investigation including FBI fingerprint check. Must pass post-offer physical test, psychological evaluation, and a physical agility test. On-call 24-hours a day, work shifts including weekends and holidays. Work will be outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Full use of the body and extremities to bend, stretch, sit, walk, run, jump, crawl, squat, etc. Good reflexes of the arms and hands in order to draw and shoot firearms quickly and accurately. Considerable physical strength and agility to pursue suspects on foot make arrests and restrain suspects when resistance is encountered. Good mental and physical health. Good vision and hearing. Deficiencies correctable by use of glasses and hearing aid devices are acceptable.  Physical strength to make searches involving traversing difficult terrain on foot, to remove heavy objects presenting safety hazards such as fallen trees and rocks or dead animals.  Ability to defend self and others from physical and armed attacks.  Will be required to participate in monthly physical fitness battery.

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.