School Readiness Early Childhood Coach

Santo Domingo, NM

Santo Domingo Tribe

Posted On: Oct-21-2020
Status: This Job is Closed
Human Resources Department
Pueblo of Santo Domingo
POSITION TITLE: School Readiness Early Childhood Coach SALARY RANGE: $18-22 /HR (Exempt)
DEPARTMENT: Early Childhood Learning Center POSITION STATUS: Full time
PERIOD TO APPLY: Open until filled
Santo Domingo Tribe exercises Indian Preference in employment opportunities but otherwise supports non-discrimination on the
basis of age, sex, religion, disability, color, race, or national origin, except where required by bona fide business necessity.
Mentors, coaches, and/or assists teaching staff in the development, implementation and ongoing assessment of quality
child development and education practices leading to school readiness outcomes for all children, in conjunction with
family service staff as appropriate; mentors and coaches teaching staff in the planning, organization and delivery of
developmentally appropriate practices based on the individual and collective developmental abilities and potential of
• Must have excellent writing, research and data collection skills, with methods of qualitative and quantitative,
including coding, decoding, analysis, and verbally explain data to stake holders of the agency.
• Must have excellent writing skills in formulating on-going monitoring tools and advancing processes for schoolreadiness of all enrolled children.
• Must have technical skills to manage data in data programs that collect school-readiness information of all children.
• Effective coaches must be able to build relationships with other staff based on mutual respect, demonstrate effective
communication skills, practice conflict resolution skills, have an ongoing commitment to learning, possess good
observation skills, model best practices working with young children.
• Develop teachers’ social and emotional competence. Doing so helps them support students’ social and emotional
development and increases the likelihood of teacher retention.
• Help teachers set the stage for social-emotional learning (SEL) by teaching them to develop safe, inclusive, and
supportive classroom environments. The science of learning and development is clear that students thrive socially,
emotionally, and academically in a safe and supportive learning environment.
• Integrate the teaching of SEL into the teaching of academic subjects. Social and emotional competencies can be
woven into the teaching of core academic content and curriculum, moving beyond the common misconception that
SEL is taught through stand-alone lessons and teach self-regulation and efficacy of executive function.
• Recognize the unique abilities of individuals and assist others in valuing everyone’s contributions.
• Encourage, support, motivate, and work interactively with teachers to develop and implement ongoing sales.
• Support the teacher/caregiver to provide environments and opportunities which promote the child’s growth and
development for any of the developmental domains, (language and literacy, health and physical development,
approaches to learning, social emotional development, creative arts, science, mathematics).
• Assist teachers to structure environments, routines, and interactions that contribute to positive social-emotional
outcomes for the children and families in a program.
• Focus on specific tasks, skills or techniques which can be mastered and measured.
• Assist teachers/caregivers to structure environments, routines and interactions that contribute to a positive socialemotional behavior support plan for the child.
• Promote collaboration among components. Collaborate with all other content areas. (Supervisor/Direct Service