Financial Operations and Procurement Administrator

Lame Deer, MN

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

Posted On: Oct-21-2020
Status: This Job is Closed
Northern Cheyenne Department of Transportation
2020 #3
POSITION: Financial Operations and Procurement Administrator
SALARY: $20.00
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Department of Transportation
OPENING DATE: 10/15/2020 CLOSING DATE: 10/21/2020 @ 4:00 PM
How To Apply: Submit an application, RESUME’, (3) references within the past year, copies of
certificates, transcripts/diploma, education/training credentials , if claiming Veteran Status; a
copy of DD214, if claiming Tribal Status; a copy of Tribal Enrollment, Valid Driver’s license
and current driving record from the Montana State Driver’s License Bureau.
TO: Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Attn: Human Resources Director, P.O. Box 128, Lame Deer,MT.
This position’s primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing
leadership for the department’s financial functions. Provides direct management and administers
all federal grant and contract budgets for the Department. This position is responsible for all
financial transactions that pertain to accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, personnel,
grant writing, procurement, travel, inventory and supply. Working with the Director and other
Administrators, the position also contributes to the development and implementation of
organizational strategies, policies and practices. On occasion, will perform fieldwork to gain
technical aspect of programs within the Department.
Work Nature: This position performs administrative duties in the operation of the Department,
requiring the ability to deal with the public and handle stressful situations. This position is
responsible for sensitive information, requiring adherence to standard of confidentiality.
Business Contacts: Daily contacts with Tribal Transportation, Transit, Roads Management,
Roads Construction, scheduled meeting Director, other Administrators.
Supervision Received: This position will receive general supervision by the director of the
Tribal Transportation Program.
Supervision Exercised: This position will exercise supervisory duty/authority over positions
outlined by the Director and documented in writing.
Essential Functions: Administrative duties require the organization, planning scheduling,
budgeting, and reporting to multiple funding agencies. Works closely with Central Finance,
Procurement, Property and Supply, and Human Resources Departments of the Tribe to ensure
accountability in program expenditures and requirements. Must have knowledge of the OMB
circulars in regards to Federal and State Program management and finances. Assist other
programs with the department and contributes to the goal of conservation and protection of the
Tribe’s environment and natural resources.
Knowledge: This position requires knowledge of the N.C. Tribal Personnel, Travel, Property,
Purchasing, and Financial Management Manuals. Requires knowledge of Federal requirements
as they pertain to the administration and management of Federal grants.
Skills: Implementation of procedures and budget/program management. Also, position requires
skills software use, records management and use of office/field equipment.
Abilities: This position requites the ability to organize, plan and develop programs, proposals,
and work plans. This position requires the ability to perform complex administrative duties, deal
with administrative detail, handles stressful situation, exercise sound judgement, work without
supervision, communicate effectively orally and in writing follow verbal and written instructions
and establish effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, and the public.
On occasion, this position requires the ability to conduct fieldwork in all weather conditions,
operate field equipment and use program vehicles. Must be able to lift over 50 lbs. Also this
position as related to the entire department will have other duties assigned and will likely be
cross-trained to assist other department programs.
1. Provides direct financial management, budget planning, systems, and internal controls.
2. Provides direct management of grant and contract budgets for all programs within the
3. Oversee monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting and forecasts of organizations
financial performance against budget, financial, and operations goals.
4. Development of grant proposals, grant applications, program work plans, and projected
5. Oversees and approves all travel requests, authorizations, and reconciliations.
6. Oversees and approves all payroll and Human Resources transactions and provides for
record management.
7. Oversees and approves all procurement, property/supply, inventory, and contract
8. Assists with department position openings/advertisements, screening, interviewing, and
9. Prepares all final program reporting due to the funding agency for all programs.
10. Supervises and has Acting Director Delegation Authority, as needed.
1. A Bachelor’s of Science Degree from an accredited college or university with major
coursework in natural resources, environmental science, business administration or
management, or related science field. Applicant must have taken college-level algebra
course and demonstrate successful completion. Must provide copy of credentials.
2. A combination of education and experience: At least five (5) years of specialized experience
that demonstrates understanding of grants management or program administration (preferable
in natural resources, environmental protection, or business management), college- level
education, and training that provided professional program, knowledge. Research internships
may count toward work experience and must be documented on resume. Must provide a
complete copy of your college transcripts and training certificates.
1 Must sign waiver for pre-employment drug testing and pass urinalysis screening.
2 This position requires use program vehicles and equipment. Must possess a valid
Driver’s license and driving record.
3 Must sign a disclosure statement and agree to a background check. Selection and
retention in this position contingent on a successfully adjudicated criminal history check
and background investigation.
1 Indian Preference will be given to qualified enrolled members of a federally-recognized
Tribe, with priority consideration to members of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Must
provide a copy of your Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal Identification.
2 Veteran’s Preference will be to applicants discharged or released from active duty in the
Armed Forces under honorable conditions (i.e., honorable or general discharge) are
eligible for veteran’s preference. Must provide DD-214 Military Service Record.
1. Possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college in planning, engineering or a
transportation – related field, and/or five (5) years of experience in the Tribal
Transportation related field.
2. Experience in developing and implementing short and long range transportation planning
that provides for the safe orderly, effective and efficient movement of peoples and or
3. Experience in managing and administering Tribal Programs, including program
development; scheduling if personnel or assigned projects, priorities setting to optimize
utilization of resources and maximize effectiveness and efficiency, budget development
and grant writing.
4. Must have experience in setting up and conducting public meetings, as well as providing
resolution for significant and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.
5. Must have strong ethics.
6. Must be willing to travel extensively.
A working knowledge of Federal Laws relating to administration of the Federal-Aide
highways program, transit program, Tribal Transportation (TTP) Programs, PL 93-638
Contracting, and excellent communication skills. A working knowledge of other Tribal
infrastructure programs, equivalent to education, economic development, health, housing,
elderly and the land authority programs.
Incumbent must possess a valid state issued Driver’s license and be eligible at ordinary
and reasonable cost, for inclusion with the Tribal Master Insurance Policy.
Must be willing to work normal business hours and some evening/weekend meetings.
Must be willing to travel for extended periods of time, and sit on National Boards/Committees as
elected to or appointed.
Must agree to and sign waiver for pre-employment drug testing.
Indian Preference applicable.