K-12 Para Professional

Full-time - Senior
Bellingham, WA

Lummi Nation

Posted On: Feb-08
Status: Open
JOB SUMMARY:  Assist the principals, teachers in keeping a safe and drug free environment for all students and staff.  Also assist the teachers, reading coach and math coach in achieving teaching objectives by working with individual students or small groups to help them achieve the skill levels of the class as a whole.
ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES include the following, and other related duties as assigned. 1. Maintain high professionalism in regards to student confidentiality. 2. Assist principals, teachers in keeping close control and monitoring of students on campus. 3. Man front desk, keeping out drugs and alcohol. 4. Monitor grounds, halls, gym, cafeteria, and classroom 5. Escort students around campus when needed. 6. Supervise students while they work infraction offences off. 7. Assist In-School opportunity when needed. o Set and maintain firm limits (boundaries) for student behavior. o Monitor, evaluate and score student behavior in the in-school opportunity classroom. o Maintain student isolation from other outside influences during in-school opportunity 8. Distribute educational materials as instructed by teachers. 9. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of a fully licensed teacher. (on-going) 10. Administer, score, and record such achievement and diagnostic test as the teacher recommends for individual students. 11. Work with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher. 12. Assist with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, and field trips. 13. Read to students, listen to students read and participate in other forms of verbal communication with students. 14. Check notebooks, correct papers, and supervise testing and make up work, as assigned by the teacher. 15. Check and record student attendance as requested 16. Assist with bus duty, lunch, snack and clean-up routines.
17. Serve as the chief source of information and to help any substitute teacher assigned in the absence of the regular teacher. 18. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of fully licensed teachers. 19. Participate and attend all in-service training programs 20. Participate and attend all staff meetings 21. Maintain contact/service logs  22. Must be at assigned work stations at designated times 23. Experience or willingness to learn how to engage students in learning process. 24. Ride the bus and helps bus driver monitor behaviors
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High School Diploma or GED AND completed 2 years of study at an institution of higher education obtained an associate’s (or higher) degree  OR have successfully completed the Para-Educator Praxis Test.  Previous work experience with native school students and teachers preferred.  Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies.
KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS:  Possess excellent interpersonal skills.  Ability to safely lift a minimum of 40 pounds.  Ability to work safely, independently and with good judgment  Ability to work in a fast paced work/school environment, with complete mobility.  Ability to interpret and apply rules and regulations.  Ability to follow LIBC rules of conduct that will protect the interests and safety of all employees   Ability to work with Native American students, preferred.  Ability to maintain confidentiality of school records and information.  Ability to work as a team member in a small high-risk school.  Ability to keep accurate and complete records for reporting purposes.  Ability and willingness to upgrade skills to maintain the highest level of efficiency and high quality work.  Ability to multi-task in a fast pace working environment.
REQUIREMENTS:  Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.  This position requires regular contact with or Control over Indian Children and is therefore subject to an extensive Criminal Background Check and CAMIS Check with Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of investigation Fingerprint Clearance.  Previous work experience with school students and teachers preferred.  Proof of U.S. Citizenship.  Obtain a CPR, First Aid and Mandatory Reporting certification and participate in annual CPR/First Aid training.  Must be able to adhere to strict attendance expectations of the Lummi Nation School.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  All elements of this job description apply.   Salary depends on qualifications.  Academic School Year (10 month employee)
 To obtain a Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) application go to:  https://www.lumminsn.gov/widgets/JobsNow.php or request by e-mail libchr@lummi-nsn.gov  For more information contact the HR front desk (360) 312-2023.  Submit LIBC application, cover letter, resume & reference letters no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date listed above.  If listing degrees or certifications include copies.  Mailing Address: 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA 98226.  Human Resource Fax number: 360-3806991.
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